Buzpark IT & Agriculture

Innovative Online Services, Consultancy and Farming.


since 2002

14 years with e-commerce.
13 years with domain and hosting services.
13 years with web development.
12 years in content management
12 years with HTML, PHP, SQL
11 years with servers, protocols, SSL
8 years in consultancy services.
6 years in cloud hosting, cdn, dns services
6 years in monitoring
6 years in agriculture.

About Us

A few details…

Buzpark It & Agriculture is founded in 2002 at Istanbul,

Since 2003 we are serving our clients with a variety of online products & services and since 2009 operating in agriculture industry. Based in one of the most alive and creative cities of the world, Buzpark is a potential partner with a deep expertise and trusted by 6.000+ contracted clients since 2002.

Buzpark Font

download it for free.

After we came out with the name “Buzpark” in December 2002, corporate id needed to be formed. Buzpark corporate id and first web site were designed  by Cem Başak, an old and close friend.


Buzpark logo has led us to have a whole set of universal font named “Buzpark Font” and spreading it out for free over internet. Please check the samples above and download it for free for personal use.